Visit From our Agronomist

Hello Golfers! Last week we had a visit from our agronomist Ian Macmillan.  He comes over for a site visit usually once every month and a half to visually inspect the course and help us come up with a game plan on how to proceed.  During this visit Ian brought along our plant nutritionist, Stephen… Continue reading Visit From our Agronomist


A Wet Week

Hello Golfers! The last couple of weeks have been quite wet here at EGCC.  In early August we received the average monthly rainfall in about 72hrs, and after that we have had a couple more significant storms come through as well.  In fact, as I write this it is raining outside!  While there are certainly… Continue reading A Wet Week


Hello Golfers! It has been a long time coming, but it seems as if summer has finally come to Estonia!  It was an incredibly long and cold spring, and even most of June was relatively cool.  But over the last couple of weeks the weather has been quite warm and sunny.  This warm, sunny weather… Continue reading Summer!

Head Jaanipäeva!

Hello Golfers! Just yesterday we had our club President´s Cup tournament which was a great success.  Despite strong winds, the weather was quite lovely.  And most importantly for us greenkeepers we got some excellent feedback with regards to the course.  Players seemed to be happy with all the cutting we have been doing making the… Continue reading Head Jaanipäeva!

Making Progress

Hello Golfers! It´s been quite busy down here in the maintenance area since our last update.  The weather has remained quite favourable and we have even gotten a little bit of rain.  Since verticutting and topdressing last week the greens have smoothed out a little bit and should be putting better then they were a… Continue reading Making Progress


Hello Golfers! After waiting and waiting for warm weather to come to Estonian Golf and Country Club, it has finally arrived!  Ten days ago the day time highs we were still in the low single digits, but over the past few days we the temperature has increased dramatically.  And most importantly the evening temperatures have… Continue reading Spring!