Making Good Progress

As many of you look at the greens, I´m sure the first thing you notice is the scarring which was caused by disease during the winter months.  Looking at the greens from a distance they don´t look terribly good, but if you look at those scars much closer, you will already notice some new growth… Continue reading Making Good Progress

Golfers: Do your part!

You as golfers can do quite a bit to help keep the golf course in pristine condition. When on the driving range or at the short game practice facility, we ask that you take divots in a linear manner.  Taking divots in such a manner damanges a much smaller area of turf, will allow the… Continue reading Golfers: Do your part!

Teretulemast EGCC hooldusmeeskonna blogisse!

EGCC hooldusmeeskonna blogis kirjutavad nii hooldusmeeskonna juht Krzysztof Misiaczyński, meie oma kodustatud greenkeeper kanada-eestlane Paul Marley kui ka EGCC juhataja Hanno Kross. Enamus bolgipostitusi on inglise keeles, kuid vahepeal satub sekka ka emakeelseid postitusi. Mida aeg edasi seda enam tõenoliselt saab eesti keeles blogi lugeda. Keda väljakul toimuv hooldusmeeskonna silme läbi rohkem huvitab, siis teile soovitame… Continue reading Teretulemast EGCC hooldusmeeskonna blogisse!