Friendly Reminder at the Beginning of the Season

Hello Golfers!

Just a couple of friendly reminders from the greens staff now that the Sea Course has been open for a week.  Because we are still not running a full staff we need a little bit of co-operation from the golfers to help get the course in good shape as quickly as possible.

Most importantly is fixing ball marks on greens.  A properly repaired ball mark will be invisible in two or three days, but an improperly repaired ball mark can take several weeks to repair itself.


The next thing we could use some help with is replacing divots.  With the large amounts of play we are having currently any divots you replace are a great help to us.


Lastly, for those few of you that take buggies out onto the course PLEASE OBEY ALL BUGGY SIGNS!  We have strategically placed the signs around the course to direct traffic away from wet and worn out areas.  This is particularly important around the 8th green on the Sea Course.  The right side of the green is quite wet and shady making for difficult turf growing conditions so we have set up ropes and buggy signs to direct traffic to the left side of the green.  Even if you are walking we would appreciate you taking the longer way around the left side.  We realize this may a bit of an inconvenience, but these signs have been placed around the golf course to improve playability, presentation and improve your overall experience.


Any and all assistance we get from you, the golfer, is of great assistance to us.  The less time we have to spend repairing ballmarks, filling divots and managing worn out areas due to traffic will allow us to focus on more important tasks.



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