Hello Golfers!

After waiting and waiting for warm weather to come to Estonian Golf and Country Club, it has finally arrived!  Ten days ago the day time highs we were still in the low single digits, but over the past few days we the temperature has increased dramatically.  And most importantly the evening temperatures have warmed up significantly from the -5C we were still seeing last week.

We are seeing improvements every day on the greens, and with the fertilizer we applied earlier this week we are hoping for a good increase in growth over the coming days.  Many of the greens we overseeded a week and a half ago are also making improvements with the better weather.

This area on 2 green was comletely bare two weeks ago. The new plants are now starting to grow!

We recently rented a trencher to add some drainage to wet areas on the golf course.  These areas won´t look the best for a little while, but the grass will start to grow there again shortly, and more importantly will help keep the area dry and more playable.

Installing more drainage on the right side of 11 Sea fairway.

One question that we have been asked quite a bit is why we haven´t turfed areas out on greens.  The reason for this is, since the grass wasn´t growing until just very recently  had we replanted the grass it was quite likely it would have died resulting in wasted time and effort.  But now that since the grass is growing we will get to work next week on turfing these bad areas out.

For those of you in Tallinn this weekend and looking for some outdoor activities with the family, come out to the golf club on Saturday and see the Long Drivers European Tour stop at Estonian Golf and Country Club.  These pros launch the ball well over 350m!!  This isn´t your traditional golf tournament either, there will be a DJ and Bar-B-Q as well.  The weather should be quite nice as well, so come out, enjoy the weather and see some of the biggest drivers in Europe!




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