Up and Running!

Hello golfers!

Estonian Golf and Country Club is up and running at 100%.  The Sea and Stone courses are both open as well as the practice facilities, workers are putting the final touches on the clubhouse renovations and the restaurant is open to feed you before or after your round of golf!

Many golfers have been asking when we will be opening the grass on the driving range, and the answer to that is this Sunday (April 29th).  We want the grass on the tee to be growing before we open it so that when we seed and topdress the tee it will be able to re-grow quickly.  If we open the tee when it cannot repair itself we run the risk of having an unusable grass tee in the middle of the season.  Just a couple of friendly reminders when hitting off the grass tee: only hit from the designated area which is signified by the rope on the ground, and when practicing take divots in a linnear pattern (see picture).


We have been busy at work around the Sea Course trying to get the course as good as possible, and quickly as possible.  Grass is still growing slowly which means we do not have much cutting to do yet so we are able to take care of some other work that we normally wouldn´t have time for.  Some of these jobs include improving the cart paths, adding extra drainage to wet areas, as well as verticut and aerify tees.

The greens are making a little bit of progress every day.  We have now sprayed the greens twice, are mowing them several times a week, and once the weather co-operates with us a little we will get the first granular application of fertilizer on the greens as well.

One comment that we have heard from several golfers is that there are still a lot of leaves on the golf course making it difficult to find your ball should you miss the fairway.  This is something that we are dealing with as best we can.  Last autumn was extremely rainy so we were unable to do as much leaf clean-up as we would have liked, and many of these areas are still too wet for us to clean up with our big leaf-blower or to mulch with a rough unit.  But as the course continues to dry out we will continue to get the course cleared of last years leaves.

Welcome back, and we look forward to a great season!

“Do your best, one shot at a time and then move on.  Remember that golf is just a game.”    – Nancy Lopez


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