Where is the Rain?

It has been an increadibly dry six weeks in Estonia.  Between the 1st of May and June 15th we have only received a total of 8mm of rain, and most of that rain came just a couple days ago!  When the average rainfall for the months of May and June are 35mm and 60mm that means our irrigation system has to work extra hard.

This drainage ditch is in the woods on the left side of 11 fairway.  Normally, even when we don´t have rain for extended periods of time there is still water in the bottom.  But it has been so hot and dry this season that even some of our greenkeepers who have been here since the course was built have never seen this drainage ditch completely empty.

Because of time constraints and our pumps only being able to put out so much water every evening we have to be selective with what we water, and for how long.  We cannot start the irrigation system too early in the evening because we risk soaking the players out for a late round of golf, and we cannot start it too late because then the sprinklers will still be running when the greens staff starts work in the morning.  To water the course as intelligently as possible, some nights we will water greens and tees, then the following evening tees and approaches.  We are doing our best to keep the course green, but we desperately need rain.  And while some tees and fairways have gone a little bit yellow/brown due to lack of water, once we get a good rainfall they should green up very quickly.

While this warm, sunny weather has been fantastic for golfers, it has made it extremely difficult to grow grass.  Grass is somewhat similar to people in hot weather- it gets lethargic and spends the majority of its energy trying to tolerate the heat stress instead of growing.  That is why some areas are still a little slow in healing.

Despite the lack of rain, last week we closed the Sea Course Sunday evening through Monday morning to get the fairways fertilzed.  It was a very long day day, but getting the fairways fertilized on an empty golf course and watered is much easier and quicker then trying to get it done in between players.  So thank you to all the players for letting us have the golf course to ourselves that evening to get some very important work done!

Fertilizing 18 fairway on Sunday evening.

While we know you golfers are really enjoying this beautiful weather, let´s hope for some rain in the near future to help green up our golf course!!




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