Getting Greener

Hello Golfers!

After nearly six weeks of no rain, we have finally received some much needed rain!  As a result of this rain, and the fertilizer we have applied to the tees, greens and fairways in the past two weeks the golf course has greened up very nicely.  Some more rain would be appreciated into the soil profile so it has some reserved moisture should we have another dry period, but for the time being we are happy with how the course has greened up.

Nearly 20mm of rain on June 22nd! Considering in the 6 weeks prior to this we had received a total of 8mm of rain, the greenkeepers were quite happy this day.

One of the negative aspects of the rain and the fertilizer doing its work is that now we have a lot more mowing to do!!  Before the rain rain we were able to mow tees once a week, and fairways twice a week.  But now with this expceptional growth we are having tees are being mown twice a week, and fairways three times a week!  This one additional day of cutting may not sound like a lot, but it is a significant number of man hours spent mowing instead of doing other detail jobs.

In the past week we have also spent some time on the Stone Course greens doing some important work up there.  Most importantly, we have compacted, leveled off and seeded the ground under repair areas on 7 and 8 greens from where we have taken some turf over the last couple of seasons.  The first signs of germination are already visible.

First signs of germination on the newly seeded area at the back of 7 Stone green.

Also, last week we opened up the back of 6 Stone green for play.  It still requires some much needed work to be as good as the rest of the Stone greens, but it is being worked on.

The weather appears to be somewhat favourable in the latter part of the week, so book your tee time and come out and enjoy the golf course!



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