Handwatering in Hot Weather

Hello Golfers!

We´re into another stretch of hot weather with virutally no rain.  So once again our irrigation system is working very hard at night to try and keep the grass green.  Unfortunately, due to time and pump constraints we are unable to get enough water onto all playing surfaces throughout the evening which results in localized dry areas on greens and fairways.  To help fight against these dry areas it is necessary to water these areas by hand.  Often we will try and get these areas wet by just using water, but often using a wetting agent is the only way to get the job done properly.

The following is a brief video from the United States Golf Association demonstrating how wetting agents are an effective tool in a greenkeepers toolkit to help fight against localized dry spots.

So hot, dry weather seems to be a re-occuring theme this summer.  While this weather may be very enjoyable for golfing, it makes our job much more difficult.

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