Finally Some Cooler Weather

Hello Golfers!

It seems as though the most recent stress period is over.  This summer has been unusually hot and dry which has made it very difficult to grow grass.  The temperature has cooled down just a bit and we have received a little bit of rain over the last little while, so much so that we have even been able to give the irrigation system a break for a couple of nights.

With this more favourable temperatures we are beginning to do a bunch of work we have been unable to do so far.  Last week we were able to verticut the greens one day to remove some of the dead organic matter, and help improve ball roll.  We have also started over-seeding weak areas on fairways that have had a difficult time growing this year.  And most importantly, we have been able to start turfing out weak areas on putting greens.  In years past when we have had to turf out large areas of greens this year we are able to change out much smaller areas which has affected play significantly less.

The upcoming two months will be very busy for us down here in the maintenance department.  It is now when the temperatures are cooler and the grass is growing well that we will be doing a lot of work around the golf course to help make the grass as strong as possible before the winter.  Some of these jobs will include overseeding greens to bring some new turf into the grass mixture, verticutting the greens a couple more times, possibly aerifying greens, atleast one more application of granular fertilizer, and continuing with our regular application of compost tea and liquid fertilizer to make sure the greens don´t go hungry during the winter.

Eventhough I have just been talking about winter preparations on the golf course, there is still plenty of great golfing weather to enjoy this year.  So come out as often as you can to enjoy the fantastic weather and playing conditions!

We look forward to seeing you on the course!

Sunrise on a beautiful August morning.

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