A Lush, Green Golf Course!

Hello Golfers!

The weather over the past couple weeks has been excellent for growing grass.  Day time highs have not been terribly hot, and the evenings cool off just enough to allow the grass to recover from the day´s stress.  On top of the excellent temperatures we have also been getting decent amounts of rain on a regular basis allowing us to give the irrigation system a much needed rest.  Add in the granular fertilizer that was applied to the greens a week and a half ago, the golf course is in excellent shape!

Here are some pictures taken of the golf course over the last couple of weeks.  Unfortunately these pictures don´t really show how beautiful the golf course is right now.


During this hot and dry summer we have been very lucky that we have been able to water our golf course as much as necessary and keep it relatively green.  However over the last couple of weeks we have seen just how important rainfall is to the health, growth and visual appearance of the golf course.

Eventhough the temperatures are not as warm as they were a couple weeks ago, daytime highs are still in the mid-to-high teens (some days even low twenties!) and according to the longterm forecast will remain that way for the upcoming week.  So come out to the golf course as often as you can to enjoy the nice weather and fantastic playing conditions while they last!

Late August sunrise

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