It´s Been a While!

Hello Golfers!

It´s been over two months since our last post and for that we apologize.  The bad thing about not posting in such a long time is that we have been unable to keep you up to date with what work we have been doing, but the good thing is we have been too busy getting the course in shape to make a blog update.

Since our last post we have been working very, very hard to get the course in good shape.  We have spent many late nights fertilizing fairways, aerifying greens, fertilizing greens along with many other important tasks.  All of these jobs have had the desired results and we have a nice green golf course with great putting surfaces.

Fertilizing and watering fairways late into the night in early June.

Not having to worry about big problems has given us the time to start working on some of the details that we have not had time for in the past.  These jobs include turfing out some of the last weak areas on greens, weeding greens by hand, as well as some extra line trimming around trees and pond edges.

All of this work has really payed off.  We have been hearing great reviews about the golf course from players who have stopped us on the golf course and thanked us for our efforts, and some players have even made the effort to find our phone numbers and thank us after their rounds because they were so happy with the quality of the course!

Unfortunately, one thing that players have been mentioning to us as well is that it seems like there are a lot more unrepaired, or improperly repaired ball marks on the greens.  This is very disappointing for us, because by properly repairing ball marks our putting surfaces could be even better!  We have mentioned this several times before, but a friendly reminder never hurt anyone: if you can´t find your own ball mark on the green, fix somebody else´s.

Please click on this link to see how to properly repair your ball mark.

We look forward to seeing you out on the course!

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