Where is the Rain?

It has been an increadibly dry six weeks in Estonia.  Between the 1st of May and June 15th we have only received a total of 8mm of rain, and most of that rain came just a couple days ago!  When the average rainfall for the months of May and June are 35mm and 60mm that… Continue reading Where is the Rain?


Summer came early!

Hello golfers! It has been a couple of very busy weeks down here in the greens department.  Just six weeks ago we still had snow on the ground, and for the last two weeks it has felt like summer! Over the past couple weeks we have been working hard to get the greens in excellent… Continue reading Summer came early!

Frosty mornings

Hello Golfers! As those of you who participated in last weekend´s Cross Country by Peugot 2017 tournament already know, we are into that dreaded time of year when we start to experience frost delays in the morning.  These delays are just as frustrating for us in the greens department as it is for you the… Continue reading Frosty mornings